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            HLT lamina tile press series is leading the new fashion style of the lamina tile

            Warmly congratulate the HLT automatic hydraulic...[Detail]

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          About Us

          Established in 1957, FOSHAN HENGLITAI MACHINARY CO., LTD. (hereinafter HLT) has become a private company dedicated to the manufacturing of hydraulic machinery. It is a National Hi-tech Enterprise, Key Hi-tech Enterprise of National Torch Program, National Single Champion Enterprise of Manufacturing Industry,China TOP 20 Building Materials Machinery Industries,Innovation Enterprise of Guangdong Province,Private Scientific and Technological Enterprise of Guangdong Province,Top 50 Key Enterprise of Guangdong Equipment Manufacturing Industry, key enterprise of Guangdong Strategic New Industry (Intelligent Manufacturing) as well as awarded enterprise of China Patent Award and Foshan City Government Quality Award.[Detail]

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